See also data bindings for dynamically displaying and updating data from the client application.


The <progress> element can display progress bars and gauges. For a detailed description and styling information see the progress element in the C++ Manual.


value = number (CN)
A number between 0 and max, representing the fraction of the progress element that is filled and where max means completely filled.
max = number (CN)
A positive number representing the maximum value, defaults to 1.
direction = cdata (CI)
The direction the progress bar expands with increasing values. Must be one of:
  • top
  • right (default)
  • bottom
  • left
  • clockwise
  • counter-clockwise
start-edge = cdata (CI)
Only applies to clockwise or counter-clockwise directions. Defines which edge the circle should start expanding from. Must be one of:
  • top (default)
  • right
  • bottom
  • left